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Happy Murals

The local coffee shop, SuperCoffee, commissioned a mural.

Math Girls Rock!

That’s the phrase that is king in our house right now.

Cozy and Easy to Travel

When Fall comes around we start thinking cozy. I think it’s pretty much genetic.

No Heels Or Fancy Dresses

You know I’m not a huge fan of super fancy dresses and high heels.


My brain is pleasantly contented.

Hot Yoga and Punching Things

I’m not really a yoga person.

Sartorial Minimalism?


I look at minimalist outfits a lot…wistfully so. Wishing that my closet consisted of clean black, white, grays – it seems like such an effortless chic sartorial existence. But then you know what?  I am immediately drawn to color pattern, embroidery, fringe, and what could be called a sartorially bold choice for the everyday. This vest.  Most people would not grab it for their everyday. I did. This vintage piece is now an essential, a must-have if you will *some of you will get that reference, others, will need to click on the link*

And when it comes down to it, it’s the perfect expression of my style.
That, and neutral sandals.




Top & Necklace – FreePeople  //  Vest – Vintage  //  Sandals – c/o Easy Spirit  //  Jeans – Dittos 

*linking up with trend spin*

Maxis Hold Little Secrets



Chelsea Verde Maxi Dress – Ebay  //  Jacket – I forget  //  Bag – Target  //  Necklace – F21

Boho maxi dresses are just sublime.  I love the wonderful assortment of patterns, the swish and swirl as you walk and turn.  There’s something deeply satisfying in the weight of the material moving through the air with my movements.  Almost a secret dance known only to me.

Also, there’s a great ease to them.  For Winter, leggings and tights are easily hidden underneath for warmth, and sweaters just layer perfectly on top.  The sweep and drama of bold colors and patterns make it look like you tried really hard – that’s another secret.

Not How I Was Dressed




Jeans – Dittos via – UO  //  Tank & Kimono – SheInside  //  Hat & Bag – I forget  //  Shoes – Ruche  //  Bag – Target

This weekend was a roller coaster.  Friday night I had the chance to celebrate a great lady’s birthday.  Saturday things seemed to go well but my Girl was a bit under the weather.  This progressed to a full blown fever that persisted the rest of the weekend.  As this is posted this morning, I know she’s not going to school.

Poor girl spent Sunday on the couch drinking tons of water/juice and sleeping on Mama a lot.  Let’s see how the Monday goes.

Oh and trust me, this is not how I was dressed on Sunday…but it was how I was dressed on another day.

Year Round Closet





Romper – ThreadSence  //  Jacket – I forget, it’s old  //  Sweater – Guess  //  Hat & Boots – Aldo  //  Necklace Monserat de Lucca  //  Bag – Target

I know some people rotate their closets for the seasons, but I don’t really do that.  Sure I put away any halter tops and bikinis, but otherwise it all stays in there because I just wear it differently.  This romper for example, it’s backless and strappy, and made for summer, so in the summer that’s how I wear it.  But it’s such a great print and I love the cut that to put it away for half the year seems a shame.  Enter layering.

A cami underneath, and a sweater and jacket combo on top and I’m ready to rock it for Fall.  Who says you can’t have your closet year round!

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