The local coffee shop, SuperCoffee, commissioned a mural. They painted the whole building this gorgeous vibrant picture. And it really livens up the corner. It’s funny, because the day they started my Mom and I were having a conversation about just this very thing. About how it’s so great to see large murals, and art on buildings in Toronto. How we wish more buildings would do it, so that instead of running facades we saw these great vibrant pictures. It was serendipitous because four hours later I was walking by the shop and saw the first glimmers of this being started. No one knew what it would be, but man did it turn out great. It’s alive and cheerful and just what you need as you get your morning, or afternoon, bevy.

And a bright mural + a ruffle skirt? Well, that definitely deserves a happy swish.

Skirt – Shop Ruche
Shirt – hand me down
Sweater – Smart Set
Boots – ModCloth Stylish Surprise
Bag – Asos
Necklace – gift from Poland
Bracelet – a local artisan in a Toronto festival