Sweater – Smart Set //  Tank & Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – Feet First  //  Necklace – c/o Atterley Road  //  Scarf – c/o Sexton In The City  //  Ring – Body Blue Toronto  //  Bag – unknown
People often ask me if it’s okay to repeat outfits.  And my answer is always, “Of Course!”  If you find a great combo use it.  Use it and re-work it, repeat it, whatever.  Often just changing a necklace or earrings is enough to add some freshness.  I do this all the time.  Mix up pieces I’m loving and re-wearing fun outfits.  There’s nothing wrong with it. 
We seem to have this idea that everyday has to be new and different.  But think about those things we love:  our favorite book, favorite movie, favorite grandma’s stew.  We love them because they’re great and they never change.  I don’t see the problem with a great outfit either.

NEW LINK UP!  On that note, I’ve been wanting to do a fun link up for a long time.  And I’ve finally got the idea for one.  With Thursday being the unofficial start of  the weekend, and with the weekend being a time when we feel it’s okay to break some rules, I’m going to be hosting a Thursday link-up all about breakin’ the rules in fashion. *’Cause I don’t really think there are any*  Link up starts next Thursday October 10th.  I hope you join me.

And the first rule I want you to break is : No white after labor day.  So antiquated.  Let’s show ’em how fabulous we look breakin’ all the rules.  Style an outfit that breaks this rule and link up next Thursday.  Easy peasy!

*linking up with Style Sessions and WIWW*