The second day in Cuba was full of fun experiences. We had decided that we would take one day to do some activities rather than spend the whole week on the beach. The first stop was an alligator sanctuary.




Next we went into the city of Morron. Spending time viewing the city from a horse and buggy ride, walking around the downtown and basically just experiencing the city.



Cuba-city buildings

Many, if not most, people ride around the city on a bicycle. so the streets were just full of them.  Then it was off to an old sugar mill turned museum, where we learned about how the mills used to run and the many African slaves that were brought over in the early days to run them. And from the museum, a quick hop onto a train brought us to a restaurant in the middle of the forrest where we had lunch beside a big and aggressive rooster.


This guy was showing us how the old mill used to work, but I couldn’t get enough of his cool Nintendo baseball cap!


Andrew wanted me to take pictures of him looking all ‘cool.’


The big rooster was in a cage, pacing, and ready to fight. But well, I couldn’t not take a picture of this description.


The last bit was a ride through the mangroves. But that’s coming up tomorrow!