Tons of room to hike, horseback ride, or cycle. A waterfall to see and tons of apples growing wild on trees.

An eight kilometer hike in Forks of the Credit Provincial park was a delight on a crisp Fall day. With clouds to start things off, and bright sunshine to say farewell, and tons of apple trees growing wild around, it provided a spectacular view. The wildflowers attract a variety of butterflies and dragonflies, and the park has a great biodoversity.

The main attraction is Cataract Falls, it’s a wonderful plunging waterfalls. But because of the interference of industrialization the concrete walls, and the remains of an old power plant take away from the natural beauty. There’s a viewing area at the top, and it’s too steep to descend to the bottom, but the size is nevertheless impressive.

The main paths leading to the Falls are the busiest, especially on the weekends. Obviously take it there, but on the way back wind off the direct route and traffic falls considerably. It’s considered a park with few amenities – just some drop toilets. But this kind of lack of landscaping, and lack of modern fixtures appeals to me in it’s wildness. While you can’t get away from people entirely, it’s nice when a short drive from Toronto offers something close.

Side note: Can I say how incredibly proud I am of crocheting this dress?!

Jacket – Spell Designs
Dress – crocheted by me!
Boots – Blundstones