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Winter Falls

The Falls are wonderful in the Summer, though I do miss swimming in them.

Hog’s Back Falls

The Hog’s Back Falls, or The Prince of Wales Falls as it’s sometimes called, is right in the city but it doesn’t feel that way.

Lord of the Rings Gorge And Falls

Morning gave us some cool relief, and we came to the stairs that let you go down into the gorge.

Jones Falls

Such a beautiful sight. Why? Well, it hasn’t been as touristed as some other waterfalls.

Inglis Falls

It’s named after the Scottish immigrant who built the sawmill here, and is about 18 meters tall.

Hoggs Falls and Eugenia Falls

It’s a beautiful waterfall in a totally natural setting. Just off the Bruce trail, you can use the rope for a handhold on your climb down to the base where you can swim and play at the bottom.

Elliot Falls

When you get there and hope to cross the catwalk only to be gainsaid by the practice of one firetruck.

Fenelon Falls

Fenelon Falls occurs where the drainage from Cameron Lake spills over.

Oxtongue River Falls

I did not sleep well – lots of food and wine late in the evening always give me sleep trouble. Plus, since he had the same and was snoring – ugh, I did not sleep well at all.

High Falls at Bracebridge

Often referred to as the Niagara of the north, this one is truly gorgeous.

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