It’s a beautiful waterfall in a totally natural setting. Just off the Bruce trail, you can use the rope for a handhold on your climb down to the base where you can swim and play at the bottom.

My girl wasn’t comfortable with the descent, so we didn’t do it, but a lovely picnic at the top is just as wonderful, and if you continue along the loop that gives you a decent 5k hike, you’ll see some fantastic babbling brooks and troll trees and be able to enjoy the glory that Ontario has to offer.

Later, we popped over to Eugenia Falls for a quick look. Eugenia Falls is definitely stunning in it’s sheer height, but it’s a little hard to find a great viewing area, as the erected stone rail guards are quite far back. It’s also very popular, and while I can see why, I’m a fan of the quieter and more natural falls.

Eugenia Falls