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Found this little guy walking along the path. I froze. He froze. Then he watched me veeerrry carefully as I snapped a picture. Afterwards, we said our goodbyes and went ahead with our day…though I much faster than he.


If you Can-Can-Can!

Une Cafe

Coffee. A must, for any mom, and any tourist.


Laduree – a must stop for any macaron lover.

Notre Dame

The Notre Dame is closed.

Little Beauties

The grand thing about being in a city as old as Paris, rather than as young as Toronto, is that there are the sites, but then there are the little beauties that you just wander past.


Stand out above the crowd, even if it’s during high tourist time at the Arc de Triomphe.

More of That

This girl totally noticed that I had my zoom trained on her,


My philosophy of child rearing has always been, you eat what we eat.

Paralysis of Choice

“Of course, there is but one life. Nobody likes that…but there’s just one. And we’re lucky to have it. God bless us and have mercy on us that we may have the understanding and the abilities to live it…and know that ‘possibility of everything’…is just ‘nothing’ dressed up in a monkey suit.” – Bruce Springsteen

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