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Everyone Runs

Normally, up at the cabin, I do the regular trail run.

Man in the Bunkie

Our little old man is always a hit – thanks to his sweet nature plus our training, he’s quiet and cuddly which goes over well.

As a Host

On the flip side, as a host,

Unsolicited Email

OMG, what is it about companies emailing us? Follow me on this journey:

That Age

She’s gotten to that age where….


Thanks so much…


Found this little guy walking along the path. I froze. He froze. Then he watched me veeerrry carefully as I snapped a picture. Afterwards, we said our goodbyes and went ahead with our day…though I much faster than he.


If you Can-Can-Can!

Une Cafe

Coffee. A must, for any mom, and any tourist.


Laduree – a must stop for any macaron lover.

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