Shetland Lace is stunning, well as is all knitted lace frankly. But Shetland has been on my “To Try” list for a while. So I made this: it’s a modern take on a traditional Bridal Veil.

Traditionally a bridal veil would be a version of a Hap Shawl – a working woman’s square shawl worn folded in half diagonally to stay warm. A bridal veil would be made in thin lace weight yarn or cobweb and would be so delicate it could pass through a wedding band.

To update and do my own take, I used a variety of lace patterns, and also went with a heavier mohair yarn so that it would be more substantial. Further, I made it a variegated blue, unlike the traditional, white.

I’m happy how it turned out, and I’ve certainly learned a lot. My next foray unto Shetland will be for a very special shawl – but I think that one will be triangular so as to keep the weight and size down.

Dress – Rowie
Boots – gift
Shawl – made by me