Don’t try to do things alone. We’re not isolated creatures. Nor are we gods who can do anything. Get some help with your goals.

There are online forums for help with finances, shopping addiction, sustainability tips. Whatever your area of lack, there are resources to reach out to and get information or even just plain support.

Make yourself accountable to the people in your lives. You’d be amazed at how awesome family and friends can be in supporting your goals. Even if they don’t share them. If you just tell them what you’re doing and why, and give them concrete ways to help you reach your goals, I’m positive that you’ll find a huge upswell of support. Afterall, these are people who love and care for you and your well being, why wouldn’t they support you? Also, if they don’t, why aren’t they??!!?

And if you’re stuck, feel free to email me. I’m not an expert, but I’ve been there and I’m happy to lend support or advice in any way I can.

Dress – Ruche *quite old*
Belt – F21
Bag – Anello via Te Koop
Sunnies – Betsey Johnson via Winners
Earrings – The2Bandits
Shoes – Call it Spring