Spring is here. Well almost. And that means that all the magazines, websites, and instagramers are sharing their “must haves” for Spring.

Here are mine:
1. Joy: the temperatures are rising and the sun is starting to shine more. Smile and get out there.
2. Physical activity: Now we can go outside more freely and use that to raise our endorphins naturally, not to mention the vitamin D.
3. Clean up your neighborhood: with the snow melted, the garbage that selfish people dropped all Winter is showing through. And it’s ugly. Take your family, take a garbage bag, and fill it. Let’s keep our city beautiful.
4. Don’t believe that advertising: you don’t need to buy a new Spring coat, dress, or skirt. Yes florals are in, but guess what? You have plenty of those from last Spring.
5. I suggest taking everything Spring and Summer out of your closet and sorting through it. You’ll be surprised to see how much you actually have, how much you’ve forgotten about, and how much it sparks ideas for you.
6. If you absolutely must treat yourself to something, consider buying vintage, thrifted, or sustainable. Fashion is the number two polluter in the world after agriculture.

That’s it. That’s my Spring push.

Sweater – Jack&Jenna (About 7 years old)
Dress – Wilfred Free thrifted via Just Thrift
Boots – Vintage via Kind Exchange (several years old)
Necklaces – F21 & Threadsence (also about 5 years old)