” You will never turn an apple tree into a pear tree.

If you cannot enjoy apples, if you are hungering for pears, you must go and find a pear tree. Yet some of us are simple addicted to being dissatisfied: we cannot take what is given and say thank you. In order to life a life of being in love, we must learn to take what is given and offer thanks in return….If we spend all our time wanting to change the person, rejecting his essential qualities, not wanting or valuing what he basically gives, this is a surefire recipe for nausea.” – Zen and the Art of Falling in Love

Either learn to love apples or move the f**k on. That’s the message here. But also this: it’s apples or pears….it’s not both. No one is perfect. No one will ever be perfect. No one person will be the perfect partner. Choose which f**ked up person you make your life with, ’cause guess what? You’re not everyone’s bran of apples either.

Dress – Turquoise Lane
Boots – thrifted
Bralette – F21 *very old*
Necklace – F21 *it broke irreparably*