There’s a coffee shop near us. It’s cute, friendly, and is our little morning date spot.

It’s got baked goods made on site, vegan options, and people who’ve known us for years. It’s the place where when my four year old ran ahead of me and into the cafe with me trailing about ten seconds behind, they jokingly said she would’ve been fine ordering and they would’ve ‘put it on her tab.’

Our neighborhood has been changing, slowly developing, and I’m very proud that the area has started showcasing murals commissioned by artists. It really livens things up.

Oh, and we’re suckers for the coffee/muffin special. My fav is the Sweet Potato muffin. And of course, I bring my reusable.

For the record, this post isn’t sponsored by them 😉

Top – Wilfred Free
Skirt – Arnhem Co. via Southern Hippie
Belt – Lucky Brand
Jacket – I forget, it’s very old.