Thrift shops, donations bins, charity shops, charity sales, etc. etc. Whatever you want to name them, they don’t have the same high brow ring as ‘Vintage Shop.’ But who the f**k cares?

To be classified as vintage an item of clothing has to be at least twenty years old. But I’ve been to many vintage shops where the prices are high, and the items are merely used, not vintage. I know this because of my long history of loving fashion and being familiar with many labels. I go in and see items, and use either my brain or that handy dandy thing – a smartphone – to google and find that the item is in no way ‘vintage’ and further costs more than can be found on some clearance shops.

Thrift shops and charity shops etc. may not have the same ring, or the same ambiance – in fact, they can feel down right icky sometimes. But just wear something comfy, plug in your earphones and dance while you search for some steals. It’s totally worth it when you walk out with a gorgeous red velvet dress for a total of $9.

Dress – thrifted, tag Zara
Jacket – clearance Danier Leather
Boots – Call it Spring
Necklace – threadsence *now closed*