“The special kind of boredom from which modern urban populations suffer is intimately bound up with their separation from the life of Earth.” Bertrand Russell

Everyone says, “Get outside” or “Take a walk.” Sometimes it’s trite, but yes sometimes it works. We urban populations take for granted the earth and it’s abundance. But step away from the urban and you see harsh, inconvenient, and hard life can be without our daily luxuries. While it’s not as ‘nice’ it does give you a sense of appreciation and it doesn’t leave a lot of room to be bored for there is always something to do.  There is a strong disconnect in the city from the calmness of nature, and I find that it brings up all those uncomfortable questions and feelings that somehow…for some reason…just disappear when among the natural world.

Jacket – Tree of Life
Dress – ModCloth
Sweater – thrifted
Necklace – F21 *very old*
Sunnies – Common Sort
Bag – Muche et Muchette via Winners