Fashion is the biggest polluter after agriculture. The textiles, the resources, the waste – you name it. It’s a huge problem. So, you make the decision to move towards sustainability and ask yourself what can you do for fashion sustainability? Yes, shop sustainable fabrics, brands. Yes, shop vintage and second hand. But what’s the most sustainable thing you can do? Wear what you got.

Simple really. Just wear what’s in your closet. Keep it in circulation, and keep it out of the landfill. Repair, mend, alter, just keep it going. And if necessary – swap with friends. All of this keeps it in the world of wearability and out of the landfill.

Once it’s not wearable, turn it into rags, or collect in a bin and drop off at a textile recycling facility. Yes, those DO exist. Those rags will be recycled into something new – textiles for industry, paper, etc. – something that can then be used again and kept out of the landfill.

Moral of the story? Shop Your Closet.

Dress – Three of Something
Boots – thrifted