I made a joke today on Facebook about the confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. I said that we’re concurrently watching season 2 of “The Handmaid’s Tale” and watching the real life prequel. But it’s not funny. It’s a defensive response to the real situation out there for women. It’s a ‘laugh or wail in utter misery” response. I’m saddened, I’m enraged, I’m scared. Mostly, I’m scared.

I’m scared as to how in this day and age this could go on. I’m scared about what this trend means for my daughter’s future: when her ‘no’ is not respected will she be blamed? And the sad truth is I’m not even hoping that her ‘no’ will be respected…I feel like that reality is only a dream. I’m just hoping that she’ll be believed if she speaks out about her ‘no’ not being respected. That this is the best I can hope for is physically painful to me.

I applaud every f**king woman who speaks out. I honor you for standing in the line of fire, and in the line of fire you must stand. Every. Single. Time. Because this world is not kind, it’s not loving, especially if you have a vagina.  But I have your six.

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Sunnies – F21