This weekend was the Polish Festival in Roncesvalles, and while I considered going there, the oppressive heat kept us from making the trek. Instead, we stayed close to home and went out for a couple hours to the Ukrainian Festival closer to home.  I did decide to represent by wearing the traditional Polish colors: red and white. Red being the dress of course, white being the pallor of my skin *though at the end of summer it’s definitely showing my olive tones a lot more, but still.*

While the music was entertaining, and her outfit was glorious, I couldn’t help but be distracted by the “I *heart* vodka” behind her. I mean, who doesn’t?? *Remember, I am Polish*

I do wish I could’ve gotten out to the Polish Festival, but with the time limits, and the heat it just wasn’t doable. Still, I love street festivals and will always go to one when I can. It’s just so great to see everyone out and about and people just doing really creative things that I didn’t know happened in the city.

The above stall made amazing dresses. Intricately embroidered and just beautiful colors, but at $780 a pop they were just too rich for my blood. Seriously, I was afraid I might damage them by just touching them.

While it’s definitely not Ukrainian, I can not walk by a churros stand. Ever since I spent three weeks in Spain, and left my heart and soul there, I am drawn to any hint that will bring me back there for even a second.

There’s that Vodka again….

Dress – Rahi
Sunnies – Simons
Bag – Muche et Muchette via Winners
Shoes – H&M or F21 *they’re really old*
Necklace – Threadsence *now closed*
Hat – street stand in Cuba, I think