There is nothing like a morning coffee overlooking a serene lake in the summer. Something about that stillness and that calm, but with a promise of the day ahead. It may not be glam, but it’s perfect. After some of the non fiction reading I’ve been doing – namely, the “Zero-waste Home” – I’m really trying to embrace the beauty of simplicity. Sure, this may be the cottage of a dear friend that I’ve been going to for years, but it has never lost it’s sheen. In fact, every year it only gains in comfort and memories and never tarnishes. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of this view, this cottage, and these people.

Of course once everyone else was up the fun began in earnest. It ranged from this multi person floaty, nick named ‘the island.” To pretending we’re giants in Gulliver’s travels drinking a tiny ginger cider. To trying to reintroduce water to my dog after the trauma of Andrew throwing him – literally throwing him – into pools as a puppy…..I’m still working on it.  I may or may not have done the Karate Kid kick on a floating inner tube several times. And landed it, I might add!!  I got skillz!

Kimono & Bikini – Spell Designs
Hat – bought in Las Vegas
Sunnies – Common Sort