Finding things to do in Toronto is easy. Finding things for a family to do that cost nothing is not as easy.It’s important, because a family outing can easily cost upwards of one hundred dollars, and while that’s fun once in a while, it isn’t something you wish for weekly. But there are a lot of programs to entertain a family, or anyone really, for free if you just look a little. One such place is the Arts in the Park website.  They offer a lot of free arts programs throughout the summer and around the city. Not only is it a great idea for a family to take a picnic and enjoy an evening, but it’s also a great date idea: pack a picnic and take them someplace other than dinner and a movie.

We decided to take in a show from the Bicycle Music Festival. It was just a fifteen minute bike ride from our place. So we saddled up, and made the adventure ride there. *We call all outings and fun events ‘adventures’* The ride along the Humber river was beautiful, and we got there just as the sounds of music were starting. My girl was excited that she would be seeing someone singing live! This was a new experience for her, as she’s never been to a concert. She sat and watched and listened attentively….until toys were offered. Then the ribbon dancing to music began. And after a great show by Adrian Underhill, we enjoyed the sunset bike ride home.

Honestly, a great evening. And if someone took me there as a date with a picnic, I would be impressed by the planning, thought, and activity. Can’t beat that!