Do you produce because you feel an urgent compulsion to express certain idea or feelings, or are you actuated by the desire for applause?” – Bertrand Russell

Russell had flaws in his thinking, to be sure. Most philosophers do – no one is perfect and no one knows it all. Further, we all have our biases and prejudices. But to discount everything that a thinker promoted is folly as well. So I take the lessons, and leave the prejudices. As in this case, this quote often gets me thinking. More importantly, it checks me. It checks me because I want to always be sure that I’m communicating, and creating because I have something to share….a need, an urgent compulsion. But I’m also susceptible of falling prey to the instagram ‘like’ trap. I’m guilty of wallowing that I don’t have enough people in my insta tribe. I’m guilty of wondering what I’m doing wrong?

When I get in that downward spiral a quote like that checks me. It makes me step back. I’m not a crazy wild awesome traveler. I’m not a super rich woman with endless supplies of photographers and designers duds. I’m one messed up, effed up chick with a love of boho vintage and a tripod. That’s what I got. That’s what I’m working with. But I like to think that I have something to share: it may not be jewels of wisdom, or the cutting edge of travel and fashion. But it’s affordable, it’s thrifted, and fueled by a healthy dose of self-deprecation and scotch. Usually the later leading to the former….or vice versa. *wink*


Top – Top Knot Goods
Skirt – Robbie & Co.
Boots – Asos
Sunnies – Common Sort
Rings – F21 and Threadsence
Necklace – F21