…Or is everyone going through a tough time right now? A period of transition? I thought it was just me, but I’ve been talking to more and more women, and men, in my life and it seems that there’s a general period of transition in the air. And of course it’s impacting all the biggies: jobs and relationships. I don’t know if it’s the time of year – heading towards the end of one year, and start of another that has people questioning their choices – or if it’s just something in the air. But there’s no denying it, there is a seismic shift happening all around me.

Well, I guess massive changes are inevitable, it all starts with puberty and then the world just explodes around us and we go along for the ride. But I’ll tell you what I do know, a good friend, a great latte, and a fantastic dress swish goes a long way to making a day great.

Just sayin’

Dress – Spell Designs via Free People
Jacket – Le Chateau
Boots – Aldo
Necklace – Free People
Sunnies – beach shop in PEI