In the acting world I get told that I’m too old all the time. ‘Cause you know, every woman becomes obsolete after the age of thirty. Sure, it may be changing. Sure, you may be able to point to over thirty actresses. But our culture is obsessed with female youth. And therefore so is our media. I could tell you to look at actors like Liam Neeson and Harrison Ford and how their love interests stay the same young age even while they grow old, but you know what? I’m tired. I’m tired of trying to fight and prove that a woman like myself, over the age of thirty is still vital, sexy, and has a lot to contribute.

So you know what? I’ll go be obsolete for a while. Sit in my sweatpants with no make up on…as long as it’s by a dock. And the world can go screw itself while I have a bevy surrounded by friends.

I’ll fight ya tomorrow.

Top – thrifted
Pants – Asos