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Leaving, And Returning

That beautiful last day in Charlottetown was well, just perfect.

Stubborn or Whatever

One thing you should know is that I’m a determined person.

Star Wars Fashion for the Star Wars Movie

Yesterday was probably a geek girls dream. I treated myself to a decaf Almond milk latte from the awesome coffee shop in the ‘hood – SuperCoffee.  


I don’t have an outfit for you today.
I don’t have any wise words for you today.
I don’t have any witticisms for you today.

You Say That Like It’s a Bad Thing



Many people, most really, when they first meet me are surprised to learn about the raging nerd I am.

Sci-fi anything and I love it *B5, BSG, Doctor Who, Firefly, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. etc.*
Post-apocalyptic, and you’ve got me transfixed.
RPG table top games, and I’m running two Firefly seasons.
Board games, and I’m parked at a table.
There is little end to my geekdom.

Then someone looks at me and says, “Wow Jo, you’re such a nerd.”
And I think, “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

I believe in heroes. I believe in strength and the will to succeed against dire odds. I believe we can all be more than we are. I believe that humanity has a hope and will get better. I believe that even in the worst situations our better parts will survive. I believe that there is magic in the universe. I believe that we will travel the stars. I believe. I hope. That’s sci-fi and that’s fantasy.

So ya, I’m a nerd.




Star Wars tank – F21  //  Skirt – ThreadSence  //  Sandals – Aldo  //  Sunnies – Lace Affair  // Leather Bracelet – thrifted  //  Bead & Gold bracelet – Ruche

Here’s To Our Friendship Flaws


I have very imperfect friends. Some overshare, some drink too much sometimes, some say stupid things at the most inopportune moments, some can be harsh …basically they make mistakes and have flaws, and are human.

All of them are well meaning, and caring, and accepting, and honest.

I can tolerate a lot as long those things are present. Tolerate isn’t the right word. A lot of things don’t bother me because of the presence of the others – that’s a better way to put it. In fact, I count on my friends being imperfect, because that means that they’ll hopefully be forgiving of my own imperfections. Of which I have many, and I try to surround myself with people who will forgive me when I say/do something stupid at the most inopportune of moments knowing that I probably don’t mean it, because I’d like to think I’m well meaning, caring, accepting, and honest.




Tee – Thrifted  //  Kimono – Arnhem  //  Shorts – Spell  //  Boots – Aldo  //  Bag – Target  //  Sunnies – I forget

This Is Who You’re Dating





Star Wars Leia Shirt – TeeFury  //  Cardigan – hand me down  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Beanie – UO  //  Socks – FreePeople  //  Boots – Locale

Andrew and I went out on a date.  Dinner, a little shopping, and a movie.  Yup, this was my hot date night get-up.  Just a little reminder of exactly who he’s with…sci-fi obsessed nerd girl.

Some ladies might put on a sexy red dress and heels, I put on my Star Wars shirt and beanie.  Oh yeah, hawt.

*sarcasm fully intended*

You Can Take The Girl Out Of The Nerd…




Star Wars Tee – so old I have no idea  //  Pants – Season JR  //  Shoes – ModCloth  //  Sunnies – Lace Affair  //  Necklace – Monserat de Lucca

…but you can’t take the nerd out of the girl.  Clearly, my nerd-dom still rides strong and free.  To be fair, no one has as of yet taken the girl out of the nerd either as I took these pictures on the way to my WoD role playing game meet up.  That’s like Dungeons & Dragons gaming but in a post apocalyptic world.  Yes, I am that big a geek.  This is all to say that you just gotta be proud of who you are.

Out The Door In Half An Hour


Doctor Who Tee – TeeFury  //  Cardigan – Hem&Thread  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – Threadsence  //  Socks – UO  //  Scarf – thrifted

I had a client scheduled for a shoot yesterday morning.  I woke up early and left the house early in the morning as well, ensuring that I would have plenty of time to set up and test all my gear.  You know how we all revert to the tried and true uniform of comfort when it’s early and we have a very limited window of opportunity to get ready?  Well this is pretty much mine:  jeans, nerd tee, boots, scarf, and cardigan.  Oh and of course I had no time to do me hair, it’s still super straight from a few days ago.

There you have it folks – full disclosure.

*linking up with WIWW

Everyone Needs A Doctor Who Tardis Dress

Dress – Geekyu //  Jacket – Zara  //  Boots – Feet First  //  Necklace – Threadsence
When I saw this Doctor Who Tardis dress it was love at first sight.  A cute, comfy Tardis dress is pretty much a must have for this nerdy girl.  Thank you GeekyU!  They have some pretty cool things.  Honestly, I want one of their Zelda hoodies for Fall.  It’s on my dream wishlist. 
In the meantime, this was the perfect dress to wear while promoting my feature film Synchronicity.  The soft scif-fi about time travel is a natural jumping off point to someone commenting about my Tardis dress.  So yes, sometimes my clothing is very strategic.  It also helps that a Tardis dress is just plain awesome!

p.s.  I thought I’d show you one of the pictures that doesn’t usually make it into an outfit post.  But this one had me laughing so hard at myself I just had to share.   I have no idea what I was doing.

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