I’m camping right now. Like, right now. Follow on Insta stories if you dare. I’m not much of a camper, and to be fair, I’m doing something in between camping and glamping ’cause well, it’s me.  I like my dresses, and I definitely brought my aeropress for fresh coffee daily. So yeah, closer to glamping. But meh, I’m not gonna rough it if I don’t have to. And the last night we’re treating ourselves to a hotel — to be indulgent, so I might be there right now. Who knows.

Anyway, the conversation with my husband went something like this:

Him: You know we’re going camping right? You’re not bringing a bunch of dresses are you?
Me: Have long have you known me?
Him: Right. So you are.
Me: Yup.

I don’t care where I am or what I’m doing, I will pack dresses. I’ll wear pretty dresses to garden, I’ll wear pretty dresses to camp. It’s life. they’ll get dirty, but it’s life and they make me feel great.

Romper – Spell Designs
Kimono – Arnhem
Necklace – Gypsy Love Store
Boots – Aldo
Sunnies – Black Daffodil
Bracelete – Shopruche