Summer, the time for loose flowing dresses without layers under or on top. That, my friends, is heavenly. Soft flowing pieces that let you breathe….and let your body breathe. I’m kind of having a little love affair with midi dresses this summer. Don’t know why – I guess they’re just easy to wear, especially the loose variety. For shape, remember to add a belt so that you don’t look like you’re wearing a potato sack, or if you’re slender like me, you don’t look like a little girl playing dress up but actually have some shape.

Oh, I’m sure the minis will come out soon, but on easy days like this, it’s midis for the win.

Okay Rockstars, go own today!

Dress – Spell Designs
Belt & Shoes – I forget, they’re old
Necklace – thrifted
Bralette – Victoria’s Secret