Let me tell you the tale of a traitor. 

You care for him, you feed him, you walk with him. I cuddled him, and scratched him.  I even let that cheeky punk sleep in my bed for four nights.  Then the second, the second, Andrew gets home that cheeky punk deserts me and goes to sleep with him. *He was sleeping separately because his cold makes him snore and then no one gets any sleep. Me because of the snoring, him because I keep punching him for snoring* 

That’s the love of a dog folks. I treat him like a King for four days, and then without even a look backward I see that tiny hairy ass and tail heading away from me and down the stairs. Traitor.

Traitor I tell ya.

Top – Pink Martini
Skirt – Auguste the Label
Jacket – Danier Leather
Short Necklaces – Free People
Long Necklace – chain from an old purchase, crystal bought on Etsy
Boots – thrifted