“By taking responsibility for our own responses rather than focusing upon the shortcomings of others, forgiveness and compassion arise naturally. We then do not project our own failings upon others, or reject them for what we cannot accept in ourselves.” – Shoshanna

Seems simple enough of a statement right? But it’s so much harder to put into practice. It’s so hard to take the focus off others and put it back onto yourself – and I mean in a real and true sense, not in an egocentric sense. I mean to truly put the focus on yourself in terms of how are you reacting, judging, and creating a worse situation. It’s truly hard to step away and not judge another person for something they said or did. It’s truly hard to take that initial impulse and naval gaze a bit. To ask yourself why you reacted that way, why you jumped to that conclusion, and to realize that maybe it has nothing to do with that other person.

I struggle with it. As I’m sure we all do. I often need to step away, breathe, or go for a run, and realize that some things are a creation of my reaction to it. Some things are better let go, and some things are not. The wisdom comes from knowing the difference. From knowing where I want to put my energy into, right?

Personally, I’m trying – and I say ‘trying’ because even though I think I’m pretty good at it, I still find it challenging – to not jump to conclusions, to give people the benefit of the doubt, and to realize that though someone may have made a mistake *from my perspective* that it may not actually be a mistake, and if it is, then to let it go because I would want the same.

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