“The human animal, like others, is adapted to a certain amount of struggle for life, and when by means of great wealth homosapiens can gratify all his whims without effort, the mere absence of effort from his life removes an essential ingredient of happiness.” – Bertrand Russell

Sure we may all dream of a blissful paradise where all our needs are taken care of, but I feel that after a time a certain malaise would settle in. I think we thrive and grow on struggle. Certainly our ancestors had to have an appetite for it otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Those that didn’t struggle didn’t have any offspring, so no ancestors. When everything is as we want it, we start wondering if this is all this is.

You see it in the person who achieves the career, the house, the 2.3 kids, and the car and looks around wondering if this is it for the next 40 years. You see it in the people who sit in a job they don’t want because it takes care of the struggle. You see it in the person who’s married to the ‘perfect’ partner and though they are grateful, they wonder is this it? You see it everywhere. I think it’s part of the reason people turn to drink, or drugs. That self medication to cover malaise. We need that struggle, or as I like to call it – passion.

It’s a passion that pushes us forward and makes us challenge ourselves. I remember dating a man *many moons ago* who was the perfect partner for me on paper, and I realized that I had no passion for the relationship. I ended it quickly. Instead, I choose a mand who at the time did not meet all the list requirements but who instead inspired me.

I recently thought about it when I watched a documentary on Leonard Nimoy who separated from his wife after 30+ years. They realized that security wasn’t enough. Growth required change. And good on both of them for choosing to challenge themselves. ┬áSo, job, lifestyle, partnership – whatever it may be – choose growth. Even if it’s hard for a bit, I figure life’s too short to sit idly by and wallow in secure mediocrity.

*please remember this post is totally my opinion, no need for trolling comments, but feel free to start a constructive discourse*




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