Though it may not be winter ice frozen zombies, it certainly feels that way when it’s February and everything is frozen over. We’re being warned that it’s going to be a brutal Winter, and certaily as the temperatures drop and the layers come out, I get a little bummed. I love a great scarf and a sweater, and expecially this one, but I know – I just know – that parkas, long johns, fleece, and leg warmers are just around the corner. Even though I wear my sundresses all year round, there’s something sad about seeing them smothered in sweaters.

Plus, yes, cozy is great. But layering up and layering down everytime you go into a place and then come back out becomes tiresome very quickly.

So right now, as the temperatures are unseasonably warm I’m going to relish every single second. With walks, with coffee dates, and general joy of the air. Carpe Diem.
How are you loving your day?








Sweater – Show me Your Mumu via Fitzroy Boutique
Dress – Auguste via Turquoise Lane
Scarf – crocheted by me
Boots – Call It Spring
Socks, Sunnies, and Necklace – Free People
Bag – Lucky Brand