Okay, so there are couple things you should know about this outfit. 

First off, I had packed for heat and sun and weather in the high 30s and low 40s *degrees celsius.* Because that’s what the weather network told me it was going to be when I checked it the day before. So, like a moron, I didn’t even pack a sweater, because I figured I can just wrap myself in a blanket around the campfire. What do I need a sweater for??

Cut to: a day later and it’s 19 degrees and all my backless, strapless, off the shoulders shirts and dresses are not working. Luckily, I hat literally just bought a beanie in Ottawa at a store I like there, called Milk. So what do you do for your freezing, sartorially picky *to put it nicely* wife, in rural Quebec, with no clothing boutiques? You pop into the Joe Fresh while she naps in the car, pick out something you think she’ll like, and hope for the best.

Luckily, I didn’t mind it. In fact, I thought it was kind of cute, and actually fit it nicely with the shorts and other things in my wardrobe. So he got lucky….for probably the first time in our relationship *note: this says more about how very particular I am, rather than his choices*

The second thing you should know, is that when I travel I like to pick up something little for myself. Like the aforementioned beanie from Ottawa, the bracelet I got from Jamaica for $2 that I’m wearing in these pictures is one of those things. But my fervent belief is not to buy just for the sake of buying. I want to make sure that it’s something I’m not wasting money one – as in, will I wear it once I’m home. And can I just say, that $2 bracelet has certainly proved itself to be a good choice. It’s not about the price of the item, but about the memory and whether you’ll actually use/enjoy it.

And lastly, remember how I said it was raining for three days? Yeah, it was raining when I took these pics. There is rain coming down all over me.



Spell-aloha-shorts-beanie-2webTop – Joe Fresh
Shorts – Spell Designs
Boots – DIYed by me
Hat – Milk in Ottawa
Bracelets – Ruche and bought in Jamaica