I had just written this post about wanting to live in a beach town, when we decided it was time to hit the beach. Ironic.

Though that truth still stands. Toronto is very much a big city with the focus being on the metropolis, and I feel like I need to live in a small beach town where the focus is on, well, the beach. But we still have a waterfront here, we still have a beach – several in fact – and we can still enjoy sitting on the sand and playing in the water. It’s a large lake, mind you, rather than an ocean. Still, I’m not going to stand here and complain.¬†Instead, I’m going to soak up this beach as much as I can, and treat my girl with deliciously well made ice cream from the shop nearby.

And laugh as much as I can. ¬†And spin, because that’s what ruffley skirts were made for.







Skirt – Spell Designs
Top – Love Nail Tree
Bikini Top – Arnhem
Hat – F21
Bracelet – no freakin’ clue. I forget.
Sunnies – UO