You know I’m all about the everyday. I love the everyday. The everyday magic and the everyday joys. I also believe that those special pieces – the fancy dresses, the frilly skirts, the flouncy tops – are meant for more than just saving and wearing on special occasions. They’re meant for the everyday. They’re meant to be enjoyed and used and lived in. They’re meant to have an assortment of delicious everyday memories attached to them when they inevitably fall apart from use. That’s a good life, and a good death, for clothing.

When a piece is worn to death in the everyday and has a thousand glorious memories to it, that’s a piece that’s loved…not the one hanging in the closet waiting for a special occasion. Like a trusted friend, you don’t just see them on your birthday – you spend mundane but glorious days together over coffee, or walks in the park – same with that top or dress. Pull it out and make it everyday. And if you’re worried about being too fancy, instead think about all those other people who aren’t fancy enough. Who aren’t pulling out their glorious flounce and ruffles for that perfect patio latte. 7-HM-boho-top-jeansweb






1-HM-boho-top-jeanswebTop – H&M
Jeans – Ditto via UO
Bag – Muche et Muchette
Necklace – Ruche
Rings – F21
Sunnies – UO