That saying is so true. The glory of things however, is that as a freelancer, it teaches that there are seasons and ebbs and flows to life. For instance, the last couple months have been relatively quiet in terms of my photography work, but suddenly May has filled up. So much so that I’m booking into mid June. There’s a delicious aspect to realizing that you’re a boat on the ocean and your job is just to steer as best you can – you can’t change the tides.

So realistically? It means I’m going to hunker down and work all May. And of course, this is also the time I decided to build a new photo website right? ‘Cause apparently I flourish under stress.





Tunic – Arnhem
Jeans – Lucky Brand
Boots – B.A.I.T.
Sunnies – UO
Rings – F21 & Tiffany’s