I was approached by Tanya, who’s a reader and a fan, about trying her fabulous product.  She knows I’m all about natural and organic here when it comes to cosmetics, and she thought her product – Beelieve Hydration Balm –  would be right up my alley.

She kindly asked me to try it and to send her my thoughts, never asking for a post about it, but I thought I’d share it with you guys because it’s kind of awesome.  All the ingredients are natural oils and essentials oils.  It’s a balm that’s good for your skin, and your face.  The balm has been fabulous for my humidity frizzy hair. It calms and hydrates the frizz and nourishes my strands.

I’ve also been loving it as a skin treatment for my legs and arms.  After the sun I find my skin gets dry – combination of sun and sunscreen – so I’ve been slathering it on in the evening after a shower.  Feels so great.  And my skin drinks it up with love. The smell is really lovely too.  Guys honestly, give this a go.