Leopard scarf – SITC  //  Plaid Shirt – Guess  //  Sparkly Dress – Pink Owl  via Shopruche //  Tapestry Shoes – Restricted  //  Tights – HUE  //  Ring – Spotted Moth  //  Earrings – F21

Mixing leopard print and plaid is a rule that should be broken, but wisely.  I think the key is to keep everything else rather neutral and to stay in similar tones.  I mixed this shirt because both the shirt and the scarf share a deep, rich warmth. 

True, I didn’t stick to all neutrals in the palette, adding tapestry shoes, and sparkles; so maybe I broke several other rules too?  I still think it works as everything tends to stay in that ‘deep warm’ category. 

And if not, then the only people who saw this were the construction workers who have become my regular outfit taking audience. 

p.s.  Yes, that is my girl in the background wearing a jacket over her pajamas.  Hey, it was that kind of day.

Next week, since it’s the holiday season, we’re breaking out the sequins for day by breaking the “Sequins are only for the evening” rule.