Cardi – Beulah  //  Tee – Unknown  //  Scarf – street stand  //  Pants – Le Chateau  //  Boots – bought in Roma, Italy

Baby girl went to her first ballet class.  Yes, she did.  And she looked so cute in her bodysuit and tights.  But Andrew and I sat there both rather embarrassed.  You see, we have that child.  You know the one.  That child that runs around while all the other girls are nicely in a circle.  The one who sits down while everyone dances.  And the one who pouts in a corner because the music stopped, and she wants to touch something she was told not to.  Yup, we have that kid.  And while it’s funny now, at the moment we looked at all the other parents, who looked right back at us with that other look in their eyes.

On set recently, I recounted this story and my friend said to me, “Look around at everyone here.  We were all probably that child.”  It’s true.  I was.  I turned out *sorta* all right.  As did those other folks on set.

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