Pants & Vest – F21  //  Top – H&M  //  Necklace – bought in Europe  //  Boots – Feet First
It made me so happy to nab the exact faux fur vest I wanted for 50% off at F21.  When I tried it on it immediately made me feel like Nancy Kovak as ‘Nona‘ in Star Trek’s “A Private Little War.”  Though it’s not bright orange, and I’m not nearly as sexy as the seductive ‘Nona,’  I felt a little wilder wearing it.  Also, the complete geek in me loved walking around all day in my own personal little Star Trek world.  

True Story:
Baby Girl is currently obsessed with Plants vs. Zombies.  
She walks around all day asking for “Zombies!”  
So I sit there playing the game on my tablet while she watches, comments, and pushes the screen randomly.  
With the occasional, “Watch out!”