Jacket – F21  //  Sweater – Cotton Candy from Ruche  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – Threadsence  //  Scarf – Urban Outfitters

These pictures are from a few days ago, and I’m sad to say that I’ve lost these boots.  They are peeling now.  The faux leather top layer is literally coming away from the rest of the boot.  So they’re going in the garbage. I’m really sad to see them go especially as they’re only ten months old, but there’s no fixing something like that.

Saying goodbye to a pair of shoes is sort of like saying goodbye to an old friend.   I find that you wear shoes more than certain pieces in your closet, and so there’s a lot of sentimentality attached to that item.  We’ve been through good and bad, and it feels like a kind of betrayal to just toss them out.

But at the same time, they are just an inanimate object and I am probably anthropomorphizing them just a touch too much.  

True Story:
Baby Girl is taking a bath, playing, and generally having a great time.  
Suddenly she stops, looks at me dead serious and says, “Grandma stinky.  Stiiiiinky.”  
I don’t know where that come from, but I bet there’s a story there.