Necklace & Sunnies – F21
Dress – from Ruche
Shoes – Payless
Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat

This week I’m away in B.C. for my friend Emily’s wedding.  I’m taking pictures and making more CoffeeTalk vids and I’ll share all that with you when I return *I’m working on the assumption that you guys enjoy that sort of stuff. If you don’t, well…sorry I got nothing*  
The magic of pictures and falling way behind on outfit posts due to giveaways and the two linkys that I’ve ever done (please see below) is that I get to share these nuggets with you while I’m still away!  Neat huh?  Okay, maybe not that neat. 
Maybe I’m just easily amused.

True Story:
Seeing Baby Girl’s little bum wiggle as she runs for the pool and the ruffles on her bathing suit sway in time is perhaps the cutest thing I’ve seen all month.

*Re: Linkys – this will not be a common thing – so please don’t expect it – tomorrow is a linky that will run once every two months and that’s the only one I plan to do. Sorry, but linkys on ModaMama is not what I’m about.  It’s nothing personal against those who run them.  I enjoy them on other blogs.  It just doesn’t ring true to me.  Thank you for your understanding.*