Top – Smart Set
Sweater & Necklace – Ruche
Cords – Le Chateau
Shoes – Payless
Do you want to know what I’m doing right now?  Tonight?  Well, Andrew’s out of town, so I’ve put baby girl to bed, ironed a dress, done my abs, and now I’m sitting in front of the tv watching Stargate SG-1 while drinking a glass of Ontario Reisling.  Yup, I go crazy when my Husband leaves town!  Nuts I tell you!  How nuts?  Strawberries and chocolate coconut balls nuts!  How nuts? Sitting in my PJs with my feet on the ottoman nuts!  How nuts?  Drinking Perrier out of a mug nuts!  
Yup, it’s pretty much a one women frat party here. Wanna come over? 
True Story:
Baby tried to drink her bottle of juice.  
She ended up splashing it up into her face while inhaling at the same time.  
She stopped, stayed stock still in shock for about three seconds and then started to cry.   
I picked her up,cuddled her, and silently giggled.  
Yes, another bad mother moment.