I’ve got a beef with my owner – Joanna!  I was totally rockin’ the long, mangy, just-rolled-out-bed, too-cool-to-care look that I’ve been meticulously working on all winter.  It took me three months to get that not-do-a-thing look to it!  Then what does she do?  She up and takes me to the salon!  The salon!  I’m a cool guy, I don’t go to the salon.  

Wait, it gets worse.

Through a miscommunication with the groomer I came out looking like this:

They shaved me and gave me that long face and puffy tail look.  That’s so not me.  I’m a scrapper, a rogue, a trot to my own drum kind of guy…I’m not a pretty boy.  At least Joanna agreed with that because when we got home she trimmed my face and cut down my tail.  Made me look more of a man!

To add insult to injury, for this morning’s walk she made me put on this stupid looking coat just because it was cold. 

 Come on! I can take it, I’m a tough guy remember?  I don’t need accessories, just the wind in my hair and the sun on my back. *okay, well it was so cold I would’ve frozen my you-know-what off…if I still had them of course…but that’s a rant for another day* So to show her how uncool she made me look, I walked behind them the entire way pouting, trying to shake off the darn thing every two minutes or so.  I didn’t run, pull, jump, or yank on the leash once!  That’ll show her!

I tell ya, it’s tough being a dog.  Sheesh…