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Tears and Worry

That’s what the week has been.

Snow Day

I woke up to a snow storm. I woke up to a silent house.

That First Snowfall….

…when the city gets covered in a blanket of white..

That Christmas Eve

That’s the big night for us Polish folks. It’s not Christmas Day, it’s the eve.

They Keep Bathing Me


It’s a huge injustice.

One Dog, One Bath

Not only did Drake the Dog have to suffer the indecency of a bath, but then he couldn’t even freak out without baby girl jumping all over him.

I tell ya, life as a dog is rough in this house.

Everyone’s Idea of Fun is Different

There’s a Holiday Train from the Canadian Railway that pulls up with all these lights. One of the cars is open and set up like a stage for a Christmas concert. There’s hot chocolate. There’s a firetruck and an ambulance for the kids to run and sit inside.

Lots of families.  Lots of smiles.  My Baby Girl loved it.
Sometimes Toronto feels like a small town. 

Meanwhile, Drake the Dog’s idea of fun is passing out on a pile of little pieces of paper. To each his own I guess.


Em doing the dog paddle and Drake doing the human paddle.

Coffee Talk: Some Things You Can’t Vlog

I was going to vlog like usual.  But then this happened, and well, some things I just can’t describe to you.
I have to show you.
Some mornings are bliss.

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Spot The Peeing Dog Haiku

Necklace – F21
Shirt – Modcloth
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – Payless
Summertime sunshine.
Fashion blogger photo op.
Drake pees behind me.
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