Who’s walking who here?

Loving the ducks and geese!

Lil’ climbing monkey.

The beautiful weather allowed us so many opportunities to be outside this week.  I couldn’t get enough of it, and neither could my little babe.  She wanted to go out from the moment she woke up every day.  She would actively turn off the tv, get her hat and shoes, and push us towards the door.  So naturally, we’d oblige since I prefer her to be out doors rather than in front of a tv.

Her favorite are the ducks and geese at the pond.  But I believe we’re firmly in the mating season as the male geese are extremely aggressive.  She started to walk right up to one with no regard for the fact that it was hissing at her.  I jumped in there right away – to stop her and to show the goose that I’m dominant and get it to stop hissing.  Man, that could’ve gone badly.   Figures, a male showing off for the ladies!

Happy Sunday!