Top – hand me down; Dress – Ruche; Tights – Hue; Shoes – Payless.

Hope you all had a great night!  Husband and I stayed in yesterday and had a totally lazy day.  It was wonderful!  We spent New Years Eve drinking red wine, eating chocolate and I even did some sewing played Zelda on the Wii.  I know, we’re absolutely wild!  Wild, I tell you!

It’s a New Year and it’s a fresh start.  I’ve definitely got some goals this year, and I’m hoping I’ll achieve them, but as they say, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”  So we’ll see where I’ll be this time next year.  But one thing that I’m committed to this year in this blog is fun!  Hope you’ll join me!  I’m excited to introduce a new regular post to you on Saturdays, stay tuned for that.

About mid-January I’m running a new series about Mamahood.  I’ve got some great Mama bloggers lined up to share with you their journey in Mamahood – the truth and nothing but the truth.  You’ll hear about the good things and the bad things – all cards on the table.  Hopefully, you’ll see yourself in this and realize that you’re not alone.  I certainly find it reassuring that other women have the same thoughts that I do.  It’s often dis-heartening to me to read about Mama bloggers who love every minute and never have a bad thought or experience. It makes me wonder, “What’s wrong with me?  Why don’t I love every single second? Am I a bad mother/woman?”  But hearing some of these women’s stories makes me realize that I’m not alone.  It’s not all cupcakes and butterfly kisses.  It’s also temper tantrums, sleeplessness and wanting to pull your hair out.  So I look forward to reading and sharing these women’s true stories of Mamahood. Keep an eye out for that mid-January.

And I’m so glad I got a sewing machine. Yes, Andrew  *it’s time he got a name since he’s always bugging me to be in the blog I no longer have to protect his privacy* bought me one for my birthday and I’ll show you that beauty soon.  I’m glad not just because I’m excited to get better at making my own stuff, but also because this dress above is starting to fray.  I’ve worn and abused it so much that it’s starting to show the results of my loving wear.  So, I guess I’ll be fixing that up real soon!

Quote of Today:
“You won’t give her another cookie, but you’ll give her alcohol?”