24 hours in a day is really not enough.  Really, who thought this was a good idea? And personally, I think this is a product we should not buy.   I spend most of my time in damage control and cleaning and never end up getting enough stuff done, or getting enough sleep. 

Let’s break it down shall we:

Sleeping – 6 hours.
Morning coffee – 5min.
Grooming *not me, her – diapers, clothes, food in hair, milk up nose, etc* – 4 hours
Watching educational tv *read: sesame street* – 30 min.
Telling the dog to ‘stop barking’ – 30 min.
Cleaning *food off floor, toys from everywhere, dirty dishes,etc* – 3 hours.
Cooking *heating things up included* – 1 hour.
Dealing with temper tantrums – 3 hours.
Telling Baby to stop chasing/hitting/pulling/pushing the dog – 1 hour. 
Telling the dog to stop jumping on/pushing/ and licking Baby – 30 min.
Playing with Baby *not as stimulating as it would seem* – 4 hours.
Ignoring her so I can check email/facebook – 30 min.

That leaves just 45 minutes for me to shower, eat, get some work done, and spend time with Husband.

On second thought, ignore what I said.  After reading the breakdown of my day I don’t want anymore hours thrown in there.  If you gave me six more hours that would only be about 7 and a half minutes more to myself.  Forget that! 24 is just great.  Let’s all buy that product.

True Story:
If you were doing your math, there’s 10 minutes unaccounted for in there.  
The ten minutes in the morning that Baby and I spend cuddling on the couch.  
Makes the other 23 hrs and 50 min worth it…
…most days.
Hey, I’m only human.