I wear make-up…professionally.  On TV or in front of the camera on projects I have to wear make-up to give me that “no make-up/ natural” look.  And I swear Benefit’s Erase Paste is the best concealer I have ever come across.  Granted, I haven’t tried every concealer out there, so there may be something better.  But I’ve used this one successfully for three years now and it’s never let me down.

I use a brush to apply a tiny amount to cover imperfections *let’s use that term shall we?* And when I say tiny, I do mean tiny.  You don’t need a lot of this product for it to do the trick.  I bought this tube about two or three years ago and I still have that much left.  And the last year, I’ve used it a lot to cover the dark under eye circles I carried after many, many sleepless nights with Baby.  And guess what?  I always got compliments on how fresh faced and not-at-all tired I looked.  It really does do a great job of covering any imperfections.  And since it blends so well, no one suspects that you’re wearing a lot.  Great for achieving that whole “natural” thing *wink, wink*