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Bold Blue And Radiant Red

Top – thrifted; Dress & Socks – Ruche (sold out, but available at Modcloth) ; Tights – Hue; Shoes – Clarks; Pinwheel pin – c/o Blue Eyed Owl.

I wanted to wear something fun and innocent today, and for some reason lately I’m reaching for bold blues, or radiant reds, so it was only natural that at some point I would combine the two.  I need to thank the two fabulous make-up artists, Jessica and Francesca, on the set of my recent film shoot *here and here* for showing my that I can indeed where bright red lipstick despite my thinner than desired lips.  Oh and by the way, I’m loving this neutral eye palette I recently got, it goes amazing with everything!  Today I wore Virgin, Sidecar, and Darkhorse.

This royal blue dress has become a beloved item in my closet, and whenever I wear it simply can not resist the urge to wear these gorgeous pins I received from Liz from the Blue Eyed Owl.  It’s like they were made for each other.

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Tomorrow’s Daily Challenge:
Look at yourself in the mirror, ignore all your “flaws,” and list five features you really like about your physical appearance. 
*if you’re willing to, I’d love to hear what they are in the comments*


I haven’t bought make-up in over a year, not counting the odd lipgloss, and since I was running really low on my basics I decided to treat myself to this amazing neutral palette from Urban Decay.  I mostly wear neutrals and only occasionally add a dash of green, purple, or blue to the mix, so this set was ideal.  It has matte, and shimmer and ranges from super soft to daring bold colors.   This is definitely my perfect everyday kit. Done and done.

Tuesday In Review: Benefit Erase Paste

I wear make-up…professionally.  On TV or in front of the camera on projects I have to wear make-up to give me that “no make-up/ natural” look.  And I swear Benefit’s Erase Paste is the best concealer I have ever come across.  Granted, I haven’t tried every concealer out there, so there may be something better.  But I’ve used this one successfully for three years now and it’s never let me down.

I use a brush to apply a tiny amount to cover imperfections *let’s use that term shall we?* And when I say tiny, I do mean tiny.  You don’t need a lot of this product for it to do the trick.  I bought this tube about two or three years ago and I still have that much left.  And the last year, I’ve used it a lot to cover the dark under eye circles I carried after many, many sleepless nights with Baby.  And guess what?  I always got compliments on how fresh faced and not-at-all tired I looked.  It really does do a great job of covering any imperfections.  And since it blends so well, no one suspects that you’re wearing a lot.  Great for achieving that whole “natural” thing *wink, wink*

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