Top – Ruche; Jeans – Gap; Boots – Feet First.

I’m really kind of pumped for the next three days.  I’m doing a Movieola live shift tonight, then on no sleep I’m popping down to Center Island to shoot an engagement shoot for a fabulous couple followed by possibly meeting up and talking shop with a really talented actress.   Then Friday I’m shooting a domestic violence PSA, finishing off with TAing an acting class on Saturday and doing a fun creative photoshoot on Saturday night *this time with me as the model*.   Crazy!  But I’m really pumped about all this fun activity.  As you can tell by the verbal spewage that just occurred. 

And on another totally fun note, are you as excited by the new TV season as me?  I’m watching all the premieres of my favorite shows and finding some new ones.  Loved Community, and am looking forward to House on Monday.  What about you?  Have you seen Pan-Am?  I haven’t.  Would you reccomend it? 

True Story:
Baby now says, “Uh-oh!”