I wore this jacket in the cooler morning weather.

If you dropped by my house, you’d find me wearing this fun apron over my daily outfit.

Shirt – thrifted; Dress – Ruche; Shoes – Payless.

 Okay, so I actually didn’t get dressed yesterday.  I threw jeans on to go to the park with Baby, but I didn’t actually put on any kind of decent clothing.  Mostly, it was pajamas for me.   I did however get dressed today.

It’s so beautiful outside that it hardly feels like fall.  *which it technically isn’t until Friday*  I know that Fall is associated with darker, deeper colors and I’m all for seasonal dressing. But I also enjoy wearing bright, happy colors year round.  I don’t really follow rules that way.  I’ll wear white after labour day, black with brown and navy, and I’ll wear a sundress in the middle of winter *though I’ll layer it with tights, tops and sweaters – often turning it into a skirt*  So despite it being fall, I didn’t in the least mind throwing on this pretty summer dress.  I love the twirl quotient of this dress.  It always makes me giddy as a schoolgirl.

And I can never resist jumping in it.  *as seen here*

True Story:
 At play group today, one of the moms went off to breast feed her daughter.  
Her 20 month old daughter.  
To me, it felt a little old to still be breastfeeding with such regularity. 
Thoughts?  When is a child too old to breastfeed to in your opinion?